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Medical Benefit
Inter regional transfer & Change in employer

If an IP moves from one region to another region and in doing so changes his employer, then the IP should approach the Branch Office of his new place of posting and present his Identity Card. The BO will retain the Identity Card and issue to the IP a certificate in Form ESIC-98 indicating the name as well as the BO and dispensary opted by him so that it may be possible for him to obtain medical treatment during the period he may be without the Identity Card. The BO will send this Identity Card alongwith a request to the old RO/SRO of IP for transfer of documents. The RO/SRO will direct the Branch Office to which the IP was attached earlier for immediate transfer of the documents direct to the new Local Office.

On receipt of documents from the old Region, the new Regional Office/Branch Office will allot a new Insurance Number to the IP and prepare a fresh Identity Card. The Identity Card will be supplied to the IP. The MRE will be sent to the relevant IMP/dispensary. In the case of Panel System, a Medical Acceptance Card in form ESIC-Med.7 will be prepared and sent to the new employer for delivering the same to the IP.

The above procedure will also apply with necessary modifications where an IP moves from one station to another in the same Region and change of Insurance Number is involved.

The IP will produce the card in Form ESIC-50 to the new IMO/IMP who will provide necessary Medical Benefit and also prepare a MRC on Form ESIC-Med.3. The period of entitlement given in Form ESIC-50 will also be noted on this card. Medical Benefit will be stopped on expiry of this period. The Form ESIC-50 will be retained by the IMO/IMP.

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