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Medical Benefit 
Change in dispensary

Grounds OTHER THAN change of residence:
Change from full-time dispensary to part-time dispensary / panel clinic / employer's Utilisation dispensary on any ground or from full-time dispensary to other full time dispensary on grounds other than change of residence are sanctioned only by Director/AMO. Form-ESIC-54 is sent to both the dispensaries, BO and RO. Besides this, in case of change to Employer's Facility Dispensary/IMP Medical Acceptance Card may be sent by Director/AMO to dispensary along with ESIC-54 for filling the particulars and returned to his office by Employer's dispensary/IMP In case of change from Employer's dispensary/IMP, Medical Acceptance Card is withdrawn from the cabinet of particular dispensary

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Note this

When an IP changes his employment under the jurisdiction of another Branch Office, he may opt for change of B.O and change in Code No. of the employer in the records by submitting Form ESIC-53.
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