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Infrastructure (medical)

Under the Employees' State Insurance Scheme medical care is provided both through the service system (direct pattern), as well as, the indirect method using the panel system. Under the service system, the Corporation has set up about 1500 ESI dispensaries in the implemented areas. In the panel system, about 3000 private clinics of medical practitioners provide treatment to the beneficiaries. Specialist services are available in the hospital out-patient departments or at separate diagnostic centres. Cases requiring services of specialists in superspecialities are referred to the outside institutions. 

Hospitalisation facilities are provided in ESI Hospitals or ESI wards (Annexes) attached to Govt. or public hospitals. (In areas where there are no ESI Hospitals or wards, or where such separate facilities are not sustainable, hospitalisation is provided by reserving beds in existing Govt., public and private hospitals on payment basis). Hospital beds are provided on a scale of 4 beds per thousand Insured Person family units.

All drugs, dressings and aids and appliances are provided free of cost. Under the service system, these medicines are dispensed at ESI dispensaries, ESI hospitals and medical stores. Under the Panel system, common medicines are dispensed from the IMP's clinics, and supply of expensive drugs on prescription by specialists, is made through approved chemists or medical store depots established under the Scheme. The Employees' State Insurance Corporation has formulated its own exhaustive pharmacopoea which lists over 800 commonly used medicines.

Super-speciality treatment;
For super-speciality treatment; such as open heart surgery, neuro surgery, bone marrow transplant, kidney transplant or specialised investigations like CAT scan, MRI, angiography, etc. referral arrangements have been made with the reputed, premier hospitals of the country. The total cost of such treatment, diagnostic facilities or surgical intervention is borne by the ESI Scheme.

Though medical care is provided, by and large, to the beneficiaries in modern system of medicine (Allopathy), facilities in indigenous systems such as (i) Ayurveda (ii) Unani (iii) Homoeopathy & Siddha are also being provided to the insured persons, on demand in many areas.

Infrastucture - India

ESI Hospitals  140
ESI Annexes 43
ODCs 5
ESI Dispensaries 1500
Clinics of IMPs 2987


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