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Wage ceiling

The monthly wage limit for coverage under the ESI Act would be such as prescribed by the Central Govt. in the ESI (Central) Rules 1950. The wage ceiling for coverage of employees (excluding remuneration for over-time work) is Rs.15000/- (wef 1st May 2010). Earlier it was Rs. 7,500/-per month w.e.f. 1.4.2004, Rs. 10000/- w.e.f 1st October, 2006 (Rule 50 of ESI (Central) Rules 1950). 

An employee who is coverable at the beginning of a contribution period shall continue to remain covered till the end of that contribution period notwithstanding the fact that his wages may exceed the prescribed wage ceiling at any time after the commencement of that contribution period.

Wage ceiling for purpose of coverage is revised from time to time by the Central Govt. on the specific recommendation of the Corporation.

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The immediate employer is required to maintain a register in Form-7 in respect of every employee engaged by or through him and submit the same to the principal employer before the settlement of any amount payable under Sub Section (1) of Section 41(1A) of the Act.

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